How to make money with free apps?

Key app monetization strategies include:
  • Advertising: interstitial, video, native, incentivized, display ads and banners
  • Extra features
  • Email marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Subscriptions
  • In-app purchases
  • Freemium upsell
  • Amazon Underground
  • Physical purchases and merchandise
  • Collecting and selling data
  • Affiliate income and referral marketing (from CPA to CPI)
Best tools to monetize free apps:
  • In-app advertising tools
  • In-app advertising for game applications
  • Freemium model of app monetization
  • In-app video advertising

What do you need to Upload to the App Store?

1.) A purchased license of any my app source code (includes asset lists and design files for easy access)
2.) A Mac computer with the latest version of Xcode (Free in the app store here).
3.) Developer Account with Apple ($99 annually), Google Play(25$ life).
4.) A strong desire to learn and make money!