Evaluate – Rate & Review add-on for iOS


Evaluate (Rate & Review Add-on for iOS Applications)

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Evaluate (Rate & Review Add-on for iOS Applications)

A lot of features

Now it’s easier than ever to have a proper Rate & Review Add-on for your mobile application! Use Evaluate add-on to create your own rate & review pop-up. Change colors, edit text, design call-to-action button text, choose your own images and much more with a new add-on designed for iOS & Android apps. It is easy to install, edit and configure. 

This customizable add-on will help you learn about your customer experience, their challenges and expectations regarding your application. 

Listen to your customers. Improve. Be visible & trustworthy.

Tech info

Evaluate is written in Swift, universal programming language by Apple and works from iOS 9+, Xcode 11+ or newest. Compatible with Swift or Objective-C app projects also.

What are the benefits of the Evaluate Add-on?

  • Rating available inside the app or on App Store & Google Play
  • Customizable interface design & content
  • Available for all types of applications (regardless of industry)
  • Easy to install with a step-by-step instruction
  • Available in 35+ languages

What do you need to Upload to the App Store?

  • A purchased license of this app source code (includes asset lists and design files for easy access)
  • A Mac computer with the latest version of Xcode (Free in the app store here).
  •  Developer Account with Apple ($99 annually).
  • A strong desire to increase your app reviews!

Extensive Documentation

Never feel lost again. Documentation is available in addition to a series of video tutorials exclusively for this app.

Beautiful Design

Quality over quantity. Enjoy a vast array of carefully designed & unique elements with tons of control over fine tuning them.



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