iGrocery – Simple Grocery Tracker and Shopping List(iOS)(White Label app)

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Demo for iOS here

What is iGrocery?

iGrocery is the easiest way to keep track of your grocery items.

iGrocery’s mission is to help consumers save money and reduce food waste in the long run by providing an easy solution for families and individuals to efficiently manage their food and groceries.

iGrocery allows users to simply add and organize a variety of grocery items. Whether you’re adding them in manually, or scanning your own items, reminders will be sent when food items are reaching its expiration date. Users can also create multiple shopping lists, take inventory of their items easily, favorite an item, and search through their stock all in one place.

Add Groceries to Stock
Add food items to Stock – this includes your virtual Fridge, Freezer, Pantry and Other. Simply scan a receipt or manually enter your items. Move items between a shopping list, favorites or Stock easily without a hassle. Adjust its quantity, expiration date, and category when adding and editing an item.

Shopping List
Create multiple shopping lists for different occasions and share them easily with your family and friends. Use the list while shopping for groceries and check it off your list whenever it’s added into your shopping cart. Once you’re done shopping, move the items into your desired location – Fridge, Freezer, Pantry or Other.

Simply check if your food or grocery item is in stock by searching its keyword. Check expiration dates, quantity and see where it is stored without browsing the entire stock list.

Quickly add and move your favorite item into Stock. This is a great place to store your frequently bought items and find them quickly.

Expiration Date Reminder
Get a reminder when an item is about to expire. iGrocery only sends you a notification when there are expiring items available on that day. This means that there will be no annoying notifications sent! The reminder is set to 10:30AM but you can also change it in Settings.

Snapshot of Your Food Balance
When a food item is added to any of the five food groups, vegetables, fruits, grains, protein and dairy, a chart for nutritional balance information will immediately be drawn and show you if your groceries are well balanced. Learn your grocery trends, and plan better to have a healthier diet.

Currently, iGrocery’s data can only be saved to your phone.

iGrocery is constantly working on new updates to help more consumers eat and shop smart.

With iGrocery, you can now get more organized and enjoy getting the full use out of your food!

1 review for iGrocery – Simple Grocery Tracker and Shopping List(iOS)(White Label app)

  1. Great Apps
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Great Apps

    I love this design! Thank for help with App Store uploading!

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