Scanplus – iOS PDF Document Scanner App [White-Label]

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Scanplus is the most advanced PDF scanner app for iPhone and iPad. Create premium quality scans and upload them to your favorite cloud. When you scan a document, Scanplus makes hundreds of decisions in background to capture the document perfectly, crop the document, straighten it and apply the filter.

This Product Includes Featured Source Code.

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Scanplus is a Featured App on App Store

Over 30+ Features

Scanplus is the best mobile scanner app for documents. Create free, high-quality PDF or JPG scans with just one tap. Send files via email, Upload them to iCloud Drive and Dropbox.

Tech info

Scanplus is written in Swift 4, a modern programming language by Apple and works from iOS 9+, Xcode 9+ or newest.

What do you need to make money with Scanplus?

  • Several In-App Purchases (Remove Ads, Unlocking More OCR Languages);
  • Google Advertisements;
  • Custom features like PDF password or PDF export;
  • Promote your app and create your own page;
  • A strong desire to learn and make money!

What do you need to Upload to the App Store?

  • A purchased license of this app source code (includes asset lists and design files for easy access)
  • A Mac computer with the latest version of Xcode (Free in the app store here).
  •  Developer Account with Apple ($99 annually).
  • A strong desire to learn and make money!

A Scanner in your pocket

The best iPhone and iPad Scanner app.

Scanplus allows you to scan paper documents into PDFs that look clean and professional.
It is time to replace huge hardware scanners with the mobile PDF scanner.

Discover main screen’s hidden features

PDF Password, QR Code, Gallery and Camera document scanning. 


Setup a passcode, change the print page size and much more

Edit Mode

When you’re in edit mode, you’re able to create, edit and merge files and folders

PDF Password

You’re able to add PDF password to secure your documents

PDF Documents

The app can create PDF documents from merging two images or more

Create folders

Create folders and easy structure your documents

Number of pages

The number of pages will be shown at the bottom of folder or pdf


Add/Edit the title of folder, image or PDF document

Image document

There’s an image which can be converted into text

QR Code Scanner

Now you can easily scan with qr code

Camera documents

Scan documents and import inside of your folders or PDFs

Galerry documents

Import Scan images from gallery


  • Scan premium quality PDFs or JPGs with 150 dpi and higher
  • Cloud integration: iCloud Drive, Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Lightning fast: automatic edge detection and scanning
  • Enhance your scans: color modes and automatic optimization
  • Smart background upload
  • Beautifully designed
  • Text recognition (OCR): extract the text of your scans to copy, search, lookup etc.
  • Beautiful themes: select your preferred look and feel
  • Smart file naming
  • Passcode protection
  • Translated to 14 languages


Scanplus relies on the latest and most advanced mobile scanning technology available. Your scans are delivered at a premium quality with 150 dpi and higher, which is comparable to the performance of modern desktop scanners. In addition, various color modes, auto optimization and blur-reduction help you to get the most out of your scans.


Scanplus is blazing fast. Just hold your iPhone over any document, receipt or whiteboard and it takes only a second to scan a page and save it as a PDF or JPG. Thanks to ScanPlus latest technology, the edges of the document are automatically identified so that only the document itself is scanned.


Scanplus works on all occasions with all kind of media. Scan any kind of document such as standard paper documents, business cards, receipts, notes, whiteboards or post-its. ScanPlus helps you save the documents that are important for you and get rid of paper clutter. No matter whether you are at work or on holidays, ScanPlus is with you.

Scan to the CLOUD

Scanplus documents can be emailed, printed or uploaded to a supported cloud drive. With Scanplus you can upload to the following cloud drives:

  • iCloud Drive
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox

Be sure that we’ll add more cloud drives in the future.

How Scanplus makes your life easier?

  • Scan any document that is important for you: invoices, receipts, business cards, tickets, notes, whiteboards, contracts, travel vouchers etc.
  • Process your scans effectively and efficiently: Email, print or automatically upload your scans to your favorite cloud drive
  • Save time and money: get premium quality scans in the widely accepted PDF format or as JPG with 150 dpi and higher – there’s no need to buy a huge and expensive desktop scanner
  • While traveling: scan tickets, boarding passes, IDs or receipts on the go. Never have the feeling again you missed a document when arriving at your destination or at home.
  • Students: How often did you forget what your professor wrote the whiteboard or Flipchart in that last lecture? With ScanPlus you can capture and share the notes with your fellow colleagues instantaneously.
  • Business: ScanPlus helps you scan your invoices, receipts, contracts, meeting minutes or other business documents. Scanning multiple pages lets you even create one PDF scan out of a multi page contract.

9 reviews for Scanplus – iOS PDF Document Scanner App [White-Label]

  1. Billy

    Great scanner, products and support

    What helps this app for me and my clients:

    Scan the pages, drag the corner of the
    image box to the corners of the pages
    scanned, click done, email to self or
    upload to cloud.

    Very easy to use scanner application with
    great quality. I scan documents on the go,
    client documents handed to me to look at;
    no longer to I have to ask can you send me
    a copy of that; no longer do I have to take
    the original scan it at a traditional machine
    and then have to return the document.

    If you have ever needed a digital copy of a
    document, or a copy to take with you for
    later, then you need to get this application
    now. It will save you time and money.

  2. ROD

    Super app, mister grizzly modified the app according to my needs. The team is very cool.

  3. John W.

    I’ve bought this app, Free and Pro, Mister Grizzly helps me with support and App Store uploading, He also provided me the sketch file with design – amazing. Thank you guys for great support!

  4. Hellen Rust

    Thank you Mister Grizzly for great support!

    This app pretty much kills the need for a
    flat bed document scanner and allows you
    to scan anything anywhere quickly which I
    like and instantly email it to yourself in .PDF format.

    The work flow is straight forward and the
    auto border detection works amazing most
    of the time. It’s also faster than a flat bed
    scanner and the resulting document looks
    crisp and you can’t tell it wasn’t scanned in
    but rather taken as a picture. I also like
    that if your scan from a distance the
    iPhone 7 still has enough resolution to give
    you a crisp, square image!

    I would like it to automatically sync the
    scanned documents to my iCloud and
    Dropbox and also be able to save the
    documents as images so they go into my
    roll as well as a .PDF.


  5. Chan. Hors

    很棒的應用。 我建議。

  6. Mohamed A. G.

    عظيم تطبيق التسمية البيضاء.

  7. Jeremy K.

    Amazing App. Everything was fixed to our needs. It was great to work with Mister Grizzly(Mike) and she completed the task to our full satisfaction. We are looking forward to work with her again in future projects.

  8. Laurent Zizurik

    Amazing product. I was very impressed by it and in general by the attitude of Mister Grizzly. At the start I was confused about 1 star review on App store, but when we talked about product here through chat, I understand the version on App Store wasn’t released for a while, but all updates were delivered after purchasing. Many thanks for your professionalism, good mood and work! Recommend! 🙂

  9. tfshark9 (verified owner)

    Good white label app. Great support. Made an application for my needs and helped with publishing in the AppStore. Thanks guys.

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