Scanplus SDK iOS


Scanplus SDK for iOS


Includes features

Document Detection


User Guidance

Image Optimization

Color Filters

PDF Creation

OCR – Optical character recognition

Document Detection

Documents will be recognized and extracted automatically

Cropping UI

User interface to crop pages with easy-to-use magnetic handles

Perspective Correction

Automatic perspective correction and precision cropping

Image Processing

Use image processing filters for perfect color, greyscale or black & white documents

Available for:

PDF(4,7 MB)

More Features

PDF Creation

Create a multi-page PDF file with sandwiched OCR text


Everything happens on the device with no server connection required for scanning

Text Recognition (OCR)

On-device OCR with machine learning optimization for perfect privacy

Data Intelligence

On-device semantic analysis and heuristics through machine learning

Scanning UI

Guides the user into the best position to capture the document

Speed up your development

Benefit from our 4 years of experience in scanning documents

Scanplus SDK

Everything you need to easily build scanning capabilities into your mobile applications.

The SDK is ready to be used in your iOS projects right away! We offer dedicated support, free updates during the license runtime and continuous improvements. We are actively developing and releasing new features for the SDK.

The core of the SDK is written in platform independent C++. Wrappers for iOS are written in native Obective-C respectively and are optimized to be used in modern Swift 4 projects.

The Scanplus SDK is already integrated into many applications with 1s of millions of customers. We offer dedicated support, continuous improvements and extension of the SDK’s functionality.

Integrate fast and easy-to-use document scanning into your accounting application!

Tax returns easier? No problem! The Scanplus SDK is the fastest and safest solution when integrating document scanning into your mobile accounting app. It’s an easy-to-use everyday tool if you want to include a scanning function for your accounting records.

“The Scanplus SDK is essential in accounting! With the implementation of the Scanplus SDK we’ve been saving so much time! We completely eliminated bad-quality photos and work exclusively with high-quality, easily processable scans. Our best decision so far!”

Mister Grizzly, Developer, Founder and CEO

Highest-Quality Scan Results with Perspective Correction

Looking for a solution that provides highest-quality scans even if your client didn’t get the right angle? The Scanplus SDK’s automatic perspective correction and precision cropping is the perfect choice for you!

“Since we implemented the Scanplus SDK into our mobile accounting app, we don’t have to deal with low-quality photos anymore. The scans are without exception of high quality due to Guiding Messages and Perspective Correction. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive!”

Mister Grizzly, Developer, Founder and CEO

Highest Privacy with the Offline Solution

The Scanplus SDK runs without any internet connection, so that scans can be taken completely offline. This offline solution enables patients to scan documents including sensitive data, for example a Health Insurance Card – the data is stored solely on the end user’s device – no sketchy third party servers integrated into your workflow.

“Our healthcare start-up processes extremely sensitive patient information on a daily basis. The Scanplus SDK ensures that no third party has access to this data, making it easy for us to live up to regulatory compliance requirements.”

Mister Grizzly, Developer, Founder and CEO

Integrate the best and easy-to-use mobile document scanning into your healthcare application!

With the perspective correction feature, the Scanplus SDK straightens the scanned document before it gets converted into a PDF file. Your users need to quickly scan multiple documents after seeing their doctor? The Scanplus SDK is equipped with all the features to tackle this challenge.

“In the healthcare industry, the Scanplus SDK is an undoubtedly safe and easy-to-use option. With it’s unique Perspective Correction the scans always turn out to be of high quality.”

Mister Grizzly, Developer, Founder and CEO

Unique Perspective Correction

The Scanplus SDK is the fastest and safest way to integrate document scanning into your mobile healthcare app. It’s the perfect tool if you want to integrate mobile scanning for the medical documents of your users – in any area within healthcare management.

“The Scanplus SDK simplified our administrative processes immensely! It enables our patients to scan all types of medical documents, for example, a Laboratory Report – without the document being stored on a third party server. Thanks to the user guidance, we receive high-quality PDFs from all of our users!”

Mister Grizzly, Developer, Founder and CEO

Available Packages

We are offering the SDK with a yearly flat license model, meaning we don’t take any volume based variables into account (e.g. number of scans). A license always applies to an unique app identifier per operating system (OS). The final price depends on the functionality you require (P Ⅰ, P Ⅱ, P Ⅲ) and the number of OS you want to use the SDK on.

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Please describe your project briefly. More information leads to better replies. Please also contact us if you have questions or if you would like to get our free no strings attached trial license.


This item doesn’t contain the source code, just the builded library(customized for your app). The source code of this app isn’t for sale. The customization is very easy to add.

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