A New Free Scanner with Pro Features!

ScanPlus is the best mobile scanner app for documents. Create free, high-quality PDF or JPG scans with just one tap. Send files via email. Upload them to iCloud Drive and Dropbox.

There are 2 version, FREE and PRO, more features in PRO version, for more details please press the above button.

Document Detection

Just hold your mobile device over a document and use ScanPlus to take a perfect scan.

Perspective Correction

ScanPlus’s perspective correction straightens the scanned document before it gets converted into a PDF file.

Color Optimization

You can optimize your scans for black and white, grayscale and color.

All Media

Scan all kinds of documents: contracts, receipts, business cards, whiteboards, flip charts notes, newspaper articles, etc.

Multi-Page Documents

Digitize anything like a multi-page contract or several pages of meeting notes.


Save your scans as a PDF or as a picture in the JPEG file format.

Share Your Scans

Save, upload, or e-mail

Extensive sharing capabilities make it super easy to share and upload scanned documents. Scan Plus can automatically upload PDFs or JPEG files to Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud services. You can send scanned documents via email, export to Photos, open in any 3rd party applications, print and even fax them.

Imagine Your Day
Simplified With Scan Plus

ScanPlus allows you to scan paper documents
into PDFs that look clean and professional. It is
time to replace huge hardware scanners with
mobile technology.

Your Productivity
Boosted With ScanPlus

ScanPlus harnessed an advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology that allows you to extract text from scans. Select and copy phrases or paragraphs and make the most of those words.

The Wait Is Finally Over

Change the way you keep in touch & enjoy a stress free life.

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